Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Update on Superfast Cornwall - But Superslow Perranuthnoe?

Dear All,

We think - and hope- that there is good news for everyone who has posted on this site or has emailed us regarding 'Perranuthnoe superslow fibre broadband'.

On 21 October there were 2 BT Openreach vans in the village, with manhole covers being lifted. We spoke to the engineers, who were from the 'copper team' in St Austell and were very helpful. They had a 'job card' to investigate the copper/aluminium cable story and to replace any aluminium cable between Perran Cross and the cabinet opposite the pub. There is apparently a recent 100-pair copper cable (installed in 2013?), which connects most people in the village, and the engineers were uncertain about the extent of aluminium cable (the manholes had a lot of mud in them, with the aluminium cable possibly hidden). In addition, the cabinet box near the pub is in a bad state.

The team was back yesterday, this time with an additional job card to replace the box, which will be done by a contractor as the first step. The cable replacement will require traffic management (lights?) for a couple of days, and this is being organised. They then hope to replace the aluminium cable.

With the necessary BT authorisations and the ST Austell 'copper team' on the case it looks like we should see the work done in November - let's keep our fingers crossed! We will keep an eye out and post any news on action.

Jane Grey

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  1. Hello,

    Has anyone seen or heard any more about this? I am still on aluminium and I have a BT Open Reach engineer booked for the 9th Dec 15. I currently get a stable 11meg down, far from the 30 estimated (+/-1meg) when I signed up for FTTC.