Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Boat Cove Is About To Change

For more than a year the future of the shed and the slipway at Boat Cove has been in the balance. When the facilities became so unsafe as to be un-insurable a large group of people expressed their dismay at what was perceived to be the end of Boat Cove.

However, the National Trust attended a series of meetings with a newly formed Boat Cove Association and there was hope that a way forward could be found. Discussions focused firstly on ways of preserving the existing shed, and then on the possibility of replacing it entirely with a new one. Minutes of the meetings are available on this website, use the search box top right hand corner to find them.

New steps down to the beach were installed, and site visits with a number of experts were conducted in order to explore several possibilities. As February gets into its stride it has become clear that either repairing and propping the old shed, or pulling it up the field are not feasible. The cliff edge is so crumbly, and the elements so unpredictable that props are not likely to remain effective for long. And the poor old shed, being held together with flotsam and jetsam would probably just fall apart at the first attempt to move it. Unfortunately the building is now so unsafe that it needs to be taken down. As soon as the date for the work has been set the information will be posted near the shed and on this website so that folk are able to photograph, paint or sketch the shed, or just walk past it knowing it is for the last time. Please don't approach it too closely! The slip will be hauled up shortly.

The Trust is still very keen to have your comments, ideas and opinions about Boat Cove and its future, particularly regarding the use of the cove by boat owners, and access to the beach. Please contact Julie Hanson, Warden for Godolphin and Mount's Bay on 01736 762479 or

Submitted by Julie Hanson
National Trust

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