Monday, 9 February 2009

Community Event Was A Huge Success

Perranuthnoe really came together for the community consultation event held last Friday in the Church room.

Over 70 villagers, young and elderly, wrapped up and turned out to have their say on the future of the Perranuthnoe Church Room. Doors opened at 3pm and new faces arrived every five minutes right through until close of play at 7pm.

Local volunteer, Annie Henry invited people to sign-in, gave every person some colour-coded voting stickers and then the hard work began!

People were guided around the consultation panels by local residents Michael Ball, Des Astin, Frank Tanner, Parish Cllr. Pippa Young and Doug Polman of West Cornwall Community Network. Experts such as local Builder Mike Berris and Energy Advisor Rob Pickering from Community Energy Plus were on hand to help answer questions as they arose. Residents were rewarded for their hard work with tea and coffee laid on by Pam, Marion, Diana, Pat and Barbara.

Katie Kirk, Community Facilitator said;

"This was by far the most positive consultation event I’ve ever been to. I was really pleased that people took the process seriously and gave careful thought to the questions we were asking. We’ve been given some great ideas to take the project forward and some enthusiastic offers of practical help too. The next stage is to liaise with professionals to see which ideas are feasible and can be accommodated".

Residents were asked to help identify the main problems with the existing Church Room and to generate ideas for new activities. Solutions ranged from the tiny ‘hook for coats & bags in toilets please’ to the radical ‘extend two storey’. The number-crunching is still taking place but it is already clear that local people would like to see some kind of shelter at the front of the building, better access, improved toilets, storage and solutions to the over-crowded kitchen during the famous Summer Teas.

There were many new ideas for activities at the hall including a book club, play readings and film nights. The most popular ideas spanned the age-groups such as art classes, computer classes and some kind of exercise or relaxation group.

17 young people came and showed a particular interest in using the room for music activities (instrument lessons, rehearsal space, village choir), games nights, a poetry group, pet-care and animal charity fund-raising. Each young person went away with a highly prized ‘Clanger’ badge supplied by Libby Pentreath from Lescudjack Childrens’ Centre.

Michael Ball said;

"We would like to thank everyone who turned out to the event on such a cold afternoon. It was nice to see new and familiar faces and we are grateful to people who travelled in from outlying areas such as Trebarvah lane and other neighbouring settlements. Thanks to everyone who helped us to publicise the event".

If anyone has any other ideas for the Church Room, please send them to Katie Kirk at the Old Bakehouse or leave suggestions at the Victoria Inn, Perran Crafts, village Church or in the comments section below by this Saturday 14th February.

Photos courtesy Michael Ball and Annie Henry.
Submitted by Katie Kirk.

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