Friday, 6 February 2009

Boat Cove - Warning

The Shed is sadly no more.

I had notice from the Trust on, I think Tuesday to carry out the removal of the Slip and Shed.

They kindly gave me a price from a builder but my son-in-law is an Agricultural Contractor, who like all crop farmers in this wet weather, is unable to get on with planting potatoes until we get some dry weather. So with the bad weather window now, before Peter Allen gets his potatoes in the ground, it seemed now or not for months.

The slip has been taken out and today the clearing of the site has started. Asbestos sheets have been wrapped up ready for the proper disposal. All the wood will be recycled as will every other thing we can.

You are all respectfully asked to stay away from the immediate area of the shed please, in the interests of , you guessed it, HEALTH and SAFETY.

In this instance it is not silly as some have suggested today, but for your safety. With large machines charging around people and dogs can be hard to see, apart from other injuries incurred on the site.

Please, just for say 2 more days can you give us space to be safe.

Many thanks

Submitted by Ian Hicks

1 comment:

  1. Hi all,
    so sad to read that there is no chance to keep boat cove running.
    As it is gone by tuesday what do you think to collect some pitures of boat cove, I know it only for the last fifteen years, but I think there must be people in the village who have photos from earlier days.
    See you all in summer