Thursday, 20 September 2007

Idea 19/09/07

Contributed by Brianna Breeze

I've had an idea regarding the rebuilding of the fishermen's hut at Boat Cove, I'd like to know what people think and hopefully other proposals will present themselves.

I was very taken with the partial rebuilding of the old schoolhouse at the National Trust's Glendurgan Gardens this summer. The local schoolchildren had been invited to rebuild the walls using cob, and the schoolhouse now has a little display of boards showing the history of the school, and pictures of the restoration. How about something similar at Perranuthnoe?

We could all help to build a new store, and the Trust could mount a few display boards on the outside for coastal path users to look at. We get a new store, the NT looks like it's involved the community, everybody's happy!!

In case anyone is wondering why I'm involved, I'm married to a local man who keeps a boat in the cove now, and has been going there with his brother (who also has a boat there) to fish since they were boys and my son is upset at the possible loss of our happy family days out!

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