Thursday, 20 September 2007

The Meeting 18/09/07

50 concerned locals turned up for the meeting at Boat Cove today, much to the surprise of Mr. Odling from the National Trust, who was only expecting the meeting to be between himself, his surveyor and Ian Hicks.

All that Mr. Odling would say for now was that the meeting was just a preliminary one and he was not prepared to speak to anyone other than Mr. Hicks, who is the tenancy holder. He seemed quite upset that so many people had come along to what he considered a private meeting.

It was pointed out to Mr. Odling, that although Mr. Hicks is the tenancy holder, Boat Cove is an amenity for local people and always has been. The book, Perranuthnoe Parish An Illustrated Historical Guide, dates the old hand-winch, which was used by local fisherman to drag boats up the beach, back to 1884.

The inspection went ahead as planned. Mr. Odling then left to make his report and Mr. Hicks will be contacted by the Trust in due course.

Jane Howells from Marazion and District Forum attended the meeting. The forum have expressed an interest and the subject will be raised at their next meeting which is on Thursday 20th September 7.30pm at the Marazion Community Centre. Anyone wishing to do so is welcome to attend.

Ian Hicks would like to express his thanks to everyone for their help and support.

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