Thursday, 20 September 2007

Update 15/09/07

Contribution by Ian Hicks

The shed at Boat Cove is used by four of us at the moment and is full of boating fishing stuff and a lot of memories.

The shed and home made slip have to be insured as part of the Tenancy agreement with the National Trust. What has now happened is that due to the dilapidation of both items, it is no longer an insurable situation, so end of Tenancy. That being the case I am responsible for their removal. It will be a sad day, but this is the nanny state and a litigious state, where no one takes any personal responsibility.

What we would like to ask the Trust is will they please reconsider their decision that neither shed nor slip is to be replaced.

What we would be pleased to see is a horse shelter with lockable door, to keep our kit in, and for them to cut steps in the cliff for us all to access the cove.

They are prepared to give access in a gully just to the West of the shed. This is not convenient for us, but does give public access, but not the continuation of Boat Cove as we know it.

Sadly I think the status quo regarding shed and slip no longer fit the modern picture. It would be a shame if history is broken now.

If anyone can find their copy of the history of Perranuthnoe there is a piece on Boat Cove that might be worth bringing up at the meeting.

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